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Revlon Realistic Vivid

Have you ever wanted to walk into a street and amaze everyone with your look every day? Would you like to do this just with your bold, vibrant hair? Gain this self-confidence and power with our Revlon Realistic Vivid hair colour sides that celebrates the strong, boss #babe that you are.

You could brighten your look with our Bronze Blonde colour or opt for a more striking, daring feel to your roots with our Rubino Red or Maroon Mojo shade. Achieve a more vintage look with our Midnight Ink or Sunset Copper shades which would also impress on a first date. Our hair dyes will give an irresistible quality to your hair and best of all, our hair dyes contain natural ingredients like Shea Butter and Tea Tree Oil to continue to revitalise your hair even after you dye it.

"Isn't this blue pretty" (talking about Revlon Realistic Vivid hair colour in Blue Black.)
"Love how my hair matches my eyes!" (speaking about the Warm Chocolate hair colour from Revlon Realistic Vivid.)
"In love! I've had endless complumnets, thank you!" (talking about Revlon Realistic Vivid hair colour in Rubino Red.)

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