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Break boundaries with bold Bantu Knots.

Wow the crowd with creative parts and patterns.

Bantu knots are edgy and super versatile. Try them on wet or dry hair for a unique look or set bantu-knots and untwist them for fully defined spiral curls later. Smooth, set and hold twists in place with our Strengthening Twisting Pudding.  For this look, you’ll also need small rubber bands or bobby pins to secure each knot.

  • Cleanse

    Wash and condition with Revlon Realistic Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner. For additional volume, blow dry hair for length, especially if you plan to take your knots out for a curly style later.


    For best results, use a fine-toothed or rat-tailed comb to part hair into equal sections. Hint: Get creative! Use smaller sections or part them into different shapes for unique designs.

  • SET

    With your fingertips, apply Revlon Realistic Twisting Pudding from root to tip and comb thru the first section. Apply Long Lasting Edge Control around the base of each section for hold and sleek shine. Slick and brush thoroughly. Twist the section clockwise smoothing the length of hair throughout. Wrap the twist around itself starting at the base. (It should look like a 3D cinnamon roll.) Pay special attention to the ends, making sure they are smooth. Tuck them under the knot and secure with a bobby pin or wrap a small rubber band around the base. Repeat for each section.


    For Bantu-knot outs, add a setting mousse to each knot and allow bantu knots to set overnight. Remove bobby pins and gently unravel curls in the opposite direction of your original twist. Twirl each strand with your fingers and gently separate strands. Apply a light finishing oil to create definition. Fluff roots with a pronged pick to create height and volume and remove visible parts.

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