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Create a sophisticated fro-hawk in 4 steps.

Get sensational Red Carpet style.

Add high-profile height to sleek sides for a new spin on the classic mohawk. This precious pin-up is a sexy way to add dimension. Use Strengthening Edge Control to shine through with moist controlled face-framing edges.

  • Cleanse

    Wash and condition with Revlon Realistic Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner. For additional volume, blow dry hair for length.


    Set hair with small rollers or prepare two strand twists to add additional texture. Untwist dried hair with Revlon Realistic Twisting Pudding to add moisture and definition to your ends. If you’re looking for a quick fix, moisturize your damp wash-n-go with Buttercream and reinvigorate with Revlon Realistic Curl Revive. Take note: Wet hair will provide a glam-hawk with less volume, but you can gently pull or stretch roots to add height once it has dried.

  • SET

    With your fingertips, apply Long Lasting Edge Control along your temples, behind your ears and at the nape of your neck for shape. Slick and brush thoroughly and secure each side with bobby pins. You can also create a series of 3 – 4 ponytails positioned vertically down the center of your crown to achieve a similar look.

  • Finish

    Gently separate curls, twirling each strand with your fingers. Apply a light finishing oil to create definition. Pull curls forward at the front and back of your hair. Fluff roots with a pronged pick or gently pull with fingers to create height and volume.

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