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Quick Tips

Remember to always read the instructions within our lovely boxes. But if you are looking for some quick tips on how to dye your hair so as to achieve the best results, then follow these quick tips:

  • Get a haircut to shape your hair after your dye.
  • Consider your natural hair colour before you dye.
  • Do a patch strand before applying any hair colour.
  • Your dyeing kit should also contain:
    • Plastic hair clips
    • Rubber gloves
    • Vaseline
    • Clothes or towels that you don’t mind getting dye on!
    • a kitchen timer
  • Wash your hair a few days before you dye it so as to preserve the natural oils in your scalp.
  • Wait 30-45 minutes for the dye to set in. The length of time will vary depending on the brand of dye and the colour.
  • Rinse your hair after the waiting time has passed.
  • Moisture is key when washing your hair. Use a shampoo that is Date Content was posted to social media and link RRV as this is best for bleached hair. Only wash every four to five days so that your hair remains at its best.
  • Avoid any hair cleansers with sulfates and use conditioners to deep-condition to your hair (our products do not contain any sulfates, parabens, mineral oil, colourants or petroleum). We also recommend the use of leave-in or hot oil treatments but would stay away from any chemical-based treatments.
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