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The Power of Black Seed Oil

Black Seed Image with Text. 'Fall in Love with your curls & experience the wonder of Black Seed'

It’s no secret that natural hair requires hydration and moisture. We’ve all heard about the usual go-to moisturizers like Shea Butter, Argan Oil and Olive Oil. However, few companies have truly understood the power of Black Seed Oil… Until now.

So what is it? Black Seed Oil, also known as Black Cumin is extracted from the seed of the black caraway fruit that grows on a pale blue and white plant native to Asia. In food, black seeds are widely used to add an herb infused peppery quality. You may have tasted them in Indian cuisine like naan bread or as a part of an Asian five spice mixture. In medicine, Black seed oil has been acknowledged for healing qualities that help fight diabetes, encourage weight loss and antibacterial qualities that ward off infections.

Now, new research shows that the Black Seed Oil has far more benefits than we’ve ever imagined. Most recently, it has also been recognized for its uncanny ability to to restore hair loss and strengthen hair follicles while protecting hair from damage with minimal side effects. Scientists have studied the benefits of Black Seed Oil and its ability to promote thicker, longer, stronger hair with no synthetic harmful ingredients, binders or fillers.

So, we did our own research. We asked the questions. And guess what? It’s true! Black seed oil DOES strengthen hair. It is a natural source of the unsaturated and essential fatty acids that need to be manufactured and acquired by the body to produce healthy cells. While we won’t overwhelm you with the scientific composition of this magical oil, we can say that, when we broke it down to the very last compound, Black Seed Oil contains iron, calcium, potassium, amino acids and several other plant extracts essential to growth and health.

Natural Hair Products Combo. Black Seed Strengthening Shampoo, Conditioner & Buttercreme.


Now, we’ve infused this essential oil into our shampoo, so when you lather, you bring out the best qualities. When you condition, you fortify the strength of your hair. When you add Revlon Realistic ButterCreme, you infuse each strand from its individual root with Black Seed Oil. When you define your twist-out or braid-out with our Twisting Pudding you seal each cuticle and when you spritz your last spray of Curl Revive, you infuse moisture with a healing oil designed to penetrate your hair.

Each product combination has been tested and designed to work together, to penetrate, infuse and nourish from scalp to shaft. And that.. Is the power of Black Seed Oil.

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