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Black Panther Premier Review

This weekend marked the premiere of the Box office hit Black Panther. The numbers are in and not only did this iconic movie shatter records, it also produced some of the best Black Panther celebrations. From African-inspired garb to regal ceremonies, the Internet was flooded with images of beautiful movie-goers celebrating history. We teamed up with our partners in Atlanta, GA for a royal Black Carpet Movie Noire event and pre-screening to enjoy the hottest movie of the year with our favorite celebrities and guests.

While we won’t include any movie spoilers, we can say that it was action packed and visually stunning. The plot, characters and storyline were impeccable! Rarely has a leading cast come together in perfect synergy as powerful warriors, both good and bad. The director Ryan Coogler really outdid himself. From wardrobe to accessories, not a detail was missed. And Oh! The hair! Twists, locs, color-kissed ‘fros and bantus graced the big screen in all of their unique glory. The texture from Lupita Nyong’o’s baby bantu twist out was everything!

And of course, we can’t leave out the audience. Headwraps, tribal makeup and all that beautiful melanin! In celebration of this magical evening, we rolled out the Black carpet, partied with a DJ in our private theater and had a massive Black Seed Oil giveaway. If you missed this, you missed out! Check out our pictures from the event below and our Black Panther event video on Youtube.

Black Panther snatched our collective wigs! This movie is Revlon Realistic approved and a certified must- see.



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