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Black Seed Oil Collection

5 Reviews
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Be Naturally You Bundle

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5 reviews for Black Seed Oil Collection

  1. Jess

    Amazing deal for black friday! I’ve ordered my bundle already and I can’t wait to receive my goods

  2. Alexis

    This whole line is awesome and very nourishing to the hair! All great products!

  3. Chioniso

    Ladies and gentlemen, of you are natural and are not using Revlon Realistic black seed oil, I don’t know what you are doing in life.
    I’ve been using the butter creme leave-in conditioner and the curling custard (which is amazing for definition).
    My hair feels moisturised, nourished and looks great.

    I dare you to try them.

  4. tlarrea (verified owner)

    I have finally found products that work great for me! This is my 3rd time going natural because I couldn’t find anything that would keep my hair moisturized. Now I have found what works for me. I love everyone of these products.
    I would love to be an Ambassador for your products!!!!

  5. Micheline

    I been using these products i love it.

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